Rider Positioning

Finding the optimal positionĀ is critical to getting more enjoyment and performance from your cycling. Your optimal position will also change over time and annual checks of your position will be beneficial.

Rider Positioning starting at $250 - $400

FIT-FIRST Protocol

Considering a new bike ? or perhaps buying a bike for the first time. Don't make the expensive mistake of purchasing a bike that is not ideally suited to you.
Use our Fit-First service to determine which brand and model of bike will be ideal for you.



custom bikes

Looking for a Custom bike ? We can help you create your dream machine. Something that stands out in a crowd. Something that is uniquely you and most importantly some thing that will fit you like a glove.

We work with leading custom bike manufactures to ensure your dream bike rides as good as it looks.

Rider Positioning and Custom Bike Development $450

Frame matching

If you've had a rider positioning session with us, we can take the measurements from one bike and transfer them to other bikes you may own.

This means you'll enjoy the same great riding position on all your bikes.


Trek SC 7 for Triathlon

custom footbeds

We offer custom footbed fabrication for cyclists, runner and triathletes.

Ensuring your foot maintains optimal alignment is critical to performance and staying injury free.

Custom Footbeds start at $195.00


Next Steps...

Do you want to ride your bike with more, comfort, power and efficiency ?

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